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Friday, 7 August 2009

Camping, holidays and sickness

Just a short post as time is limited. I feel opposed by all sides at the moment and am trying to push through with composure. The beginning of the week was great. Faith Camp was amazing and the boys were having an awesome time at Newday.

However, I received a phone call on Wednesday afternoon to say that Harry was really ill with a high temp. A boy in the same tent had gone home the day before with ? swine flu and is on Tamiflu. So, I drove a 2 hour journey to collect him. When I arrived he was fine and didn't have a temperature. So I drove for another 2 hours and took him home. He had a huge meal, hot bath and an early night and seemed fine. In the morning he had a slight temp but not major so I gave him some paracetamol and he appeared his usual happy self and wanting to go back. Meanwhile Rosie was still at Faith Camp being looked after by my friend. I made the decision to take him back as thought he had a 24 hour bug which a friend of his had early on during the week who also left the camp and then went back the day after.

So, I took him back and then drove to Faith Camp. Then the rain started and didn't stop! The tent was gradually becoming more and more waterlogged, so after Rosie and her friend returned from their group at 9pm we loaded up the car and drove home. Just as were approaching the town centre I received a phone call at 10.30pm to say that Harry was really unwell again with a temperature of 40.2 degrees! He had been given some paracetamol and was asleep. Graham was all set to drive and collect him but we decided to leave him there once we knew his temperature had started to come down. So after a sleepless night I have heard that he is on his way back in a car and not in the coach with the others and again, he is much better. We are supposed to be going on holiday tomorrow morning but won't now. Not sure whether Harry should have Tamiflu so am praying about that decision as if it is swine flu he has had it for 48 hours and therefore the drug is less effective. Also the side effects are horrendous. We can only trust God in all this and I continue to pray for wisdom to make the right decisions. I really prayed about taking him back yesterday and I felt it was right to do so, and yet I clearly should have kept him at home which I'm feeling really bad about.


Daune said...

Me again...after reading the first one and commenting, I thought I should read earlier ones and am grateful for God's provision for your son.
Whew...parenting, faith, trust, believing, the power of God to push through with action and steps to our faith...He is faithful...we so need him, 'eh?
God bless, sister!

camilynn said...


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