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Friday, 25 July 2008

Back in blog land

We arrived back late on Monday after having a fantastic holiday. I managed to blog several times on holiday and just need to transfer it , along with some photos when I have time. I haven't had any time at all this week as we have a family staying with us until tonight. Tomorrow we go to Faith Camp in Peterborough for the week so we are extremely busy trying to unpack, wash, sort out camping equipment in the garage and re pack.

The weather is hot and sunny at the moment and we're hoping it will continue until next week.

Our main bit of excitement is that we are getting a kitten! Rosie is over the moon. One of her friend's cat has just had six kittens so we have been deciding which one to have this week. Lulu is only five weeks old and is so cute! We think she is the one for us but have to wait a few more weeks before she can leave her mum. We are having a lot of work done to the house at the moment including a new kitchen, utility room and doors. So it is good timing as the builder will put a cat flap in the door.

Anyway must go and do some more chores.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Monday 7th July 2008

Yesterday we went to church and then came home and ate the remainder of the Domino's pizza from the night before. I spent most of the day washing and ironing and Graham and Charlie put the roof box on the car. Graham packed his bags and got things ready for our holiday as he has got a busy three days ahead with meeting his new work colleagues and handing over his old job. He officially starts when we return from holiday.

Last night I took Harry and Rosie to the cinema to see Prince Caspian. It was very good but I didn't think as magical as the first film. Graham kept texting me the tennis results as the match resumed after stopping play for rain in the afternoon. I was disappointed that Federer lost but he had obviously met his match yesterday.

Today has been spent packing for our holiday. The builder came round this morning. We have a leak coming from our en suite so he located the problem and we are now without a bathroom. He will repair it whilst we are away. The house is like Beirut at the moment with unfinished doors in the lounge and a hole in the floor in the kitchen/conservatory where it needs to be tiled. It is so dusty as well from the plaster. I'm glad the cleaners are coming on Thursday before our friends move in.

I then went back to the garage where they replaced our tyres and put heavy load ones on ( I hope. )

Rosie has a friend here for the day and then tomorrow she is going to her house whilst I'm at work. Tomorrow I need to let my boss know of my intention to leave and see whether I can go on the bank as I will be allowed to work up to 6 hours a week when I start my PhD.

The weather is very changeable at the moment and one minute it is hot and the sunny and the next it is raining. The weather in Interlaken looks like it will be sunny for a few days after our arrival but rain is forecasted there afterwards.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Remembering Alison, July 5th 2008

Bedford Park

Graham went over to Cambridge this morning and met up with his parents and Chris. He feels very sad today and hasn't really talked about anything yet. His Dad was wearing a purple tie ( Alison's favourite colour)and Graham placed a purple violet on her grave.

Meanwhile I went to Kwik Fit to get the tyres on the car checked before our long drive to Switzerland. I took Harry and Rosie with me whilst Charlie had a lie in. Apparently the wrong tyres had been fitted on the front wheels. I was advised to go back to the garage where they were fitted. I felt I couldn't make the children wait for so long again ( we had just been through the car wash and had had a car valet)so went into town and bought Rosie some new trainers and a new Monopoly to take on holiday with us. We then went home and Graham returned from Cambridge. He then went to the garage who told him that the correct tyres had been fitted and the other garage were only trying to sell us some new tyres! As he was unsure what to believe he then went to a third garage who confirmed that they were indeed the wrong tyres!

I then took all the children plus Rosie's friend to the church fun day in Bedford Park. The weather was lovely and warm but quite windy. Rain had been forecasted for today so we were pleased it didn't rain. Graham met us there after returning to the garage with proof that they had fitted the wrong tyres. They still insist that the tyres they put on are legal but will order the correct tyres for Monday afternoon. What a pain, but I am glad we checked them nevertheless.

We met up with the friend whose party we went to last Saturday and her daughter. The children had a great time although Harry was a bit bored as there was no one around his age to play with. Charlie met up with his friend and played football.

We then went home and ordered pizza and watched the Dr Who finale which was fantastic. Harry and I played Monopoly which we have left set up to continue play tomorrow. I finished reading Leota's garden last night and started Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Thankful Thursday 3rd July 2008

I've had a very good but busy few days. I'm thankful for so much in my life today:

The girl who became a Christian on Sunday was at Cornerstone today. She looked fantastic and what struck me the most was that she seemed so at peace with herself. It never ceases to amaze me how God can transform lives; lives that some would just write off as being worthless. We just pray that she is supported well and that God will surround her with Christian people and that He will protect her.

I'm thankful for my husband and family. Rosie had her prize giving today at school and has now broken up for seven weeks. The boys break up tomorrow. We have our holiday to look forward to next week and I can't believe that this time next week we will be in the marvellous mountains and lakes of the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. I have so much to get ready for it beforehand though, including sorting out the house as friends will be staying here in our absence. They have to move out of their house for eight weeks for some structural repairs to take place so they are staying with various families from church. They will be here when we return for a few days and am hoping our builder will have finished his work before then as it might be a bit cosy!

I'm thankful for work ( even though I am leaving). I will miss my friends and colleagues and the families I work with. I do know it is time to move on and I'm so grateful for the fantastic opportunity that lies ahead for me.

I'm thankful for God's continual guidance and gentle rebuking and prodding in areas of my life where I need to change. I continue to pray for wisdom to do His will.

Just returned from fat club. I lost 1/2lb this week and 1lb last week so the weight is slowly coming off. I thank God for my health.

I'm thankful for my garden. The colours are looking more vibrant than ever at the moment- must be from all the rain we have had today.

It is the first anniversary of Alison's death this Saturday so haven't really made any plans as we don't know how we will feel. Graham intends to go to Cambridge with his parents on Saturday morning to meet Chris and put some flowers on her grave.

I'm thankful for Francine Rivers ( Christian author) and my recent discovery of her books. I really can't put them down and have almost finished Leota's Garden which is almost as good as Redeeming Love. I have another two to read of her's which I intend to take on holiday. I love her writing style, particurlary as it is from a Christian perspective. Her characters are such real people, flawed in every way and then they meet Jesus. I didn't ever think I would enjoy books such as these.