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Sunday, 13 June 2010

June 13th 2010

Haven't written for a while- so much has been happening. Exams, Rosie away with school, birthdays. Graham's mum had a birthday last Thursday and Rosie will be 12 years old tomorrow. My baby is growing up too quickly. She is having the party of the year next Saturday. Harry's band will be playing and 20 girls will be wearing pretty summer dresses and enjoying a chocolate fountain and mocktails- hopefully if the weather is good.

I'm so busy with my work and have got a couple of conference presentations coming up, one a poster and one a paper. Not looking forward to the paper one and will only be able to do it with God's help.

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glad all is well there. the pics below are beautiful! you must have had a wonderful time :-) i'm glad you're enjoying your summer.