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Monday, 6 December 2010

Cold snap

The temperature hasn't been much above freezing for the last week. We've had lots of snow which seems to disrupt the transport system in the UK. I had to go to London for two days last week which was an endurance test in itself before I even started to tackle the NVivo 9 training course.

Graham and I are being challenged at the moment by our forgetful children. All three seem to be losing and forgetting things most days. Here are some of the things which have been lost this last week:
Charlie's testimony just before we set out to church!
One of Rosie's brand new school shoes which fell out of her bag on a games field
£10 worth of guitar picks which were left in an envelope
Harry's busking money was left on a cafe table yesterday in Cambridge. Happy ending though as somebody had handed it in and a friend of mine will collect it this week for him
Two school coats- both found
Harry's mobile phone- not found
Games kit left at home twice last week and once today ( Rosie)
Usual stuff like house keys, phones, school books which happen most days anyway!

We are thankful though for what God is doing in our lives at the moment. Charlie's baptism was amazing.. Harry and another person prayed for someone who had injured his arm and God took the swelling away! God has been teaching me about perseverance and remaining faithful to Him despite circumstances.

We've had a great week-end visiting friends on Friday night, rugby for Graham and Charlie on Sat, Romeo and Juliet theatre trip for Harry and friends round for Rosie and a bit of peace and quiet for me. Yesterday after church we went to Cambridge and Harry and two friends played Christmas carols and we met up with some friends.

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i have that problem too!! i lost my cell for like 3 weeks - no kidding. it was on my living room hutch behind a picture the entire time!! arugh!! Today I spent at least an hour looking for papers i never found. well have grace for the kiddos :-) God bless!!