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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Remembering Alison, July 5th 2008

Bedford Park

Graham went over to Cambridge this morning and met up with his parents and Chris. He feels very sad today and hasn't really talked about anything yet. His Dad was wearing a purple tie ( Alison's favourite colour)and Graham placed a purple violet on her grave.

Meanwhile I went to Kwik Fit to get the tyres on the car checked before our long drive to Switzerland. I took Harry and Rosie with me whilst Charlie had a lie in. Apparently the wrong tyres had been fitted on the front wheels. I was advised to go back to the garage where they were fitted. I felt I couldn't make the children wait for so long again ( we had just been through the car wash and had had a car valet)so went into town and bought Rosie some new trainers and a new Monopoly to take on holiday with us. We then went home and Graham returned from Cambridge. He then went to the garage who told him that the correct tyres had been fitted and the other garage were only trying to sell us some new tyres! As he was unsure what to believe he then went to a third garage who confirmed that they were indeed the wrong tyres!

I then took all the children plus Rosie's friend to the church fun day in Bedford Park. The weather was lovely and warm but quite windy. Rain had been forecasted for today so we were pleased it didn't rain. Graham met us there after returning to the garage with proof that they had fitted the wrong tyres. They still insist that the tyres they put on are legal but will order the correct tyres for Monday afternoon. What a pain, but I am glad we checked them nevertheless.

We met up with the friend whose party we went to last Saturday and her daughter. The children had a great time although Harry was a bit bored as there was no one around his age to play with. Charlie met up with his friend and played football.

We then went home and ordered pizza and watched the Dr Who finale which was fantastic. Harry and I played Monopoly which we have left set up to continue play tomorrow. I finished reading Leota's garden last night and started Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers.

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