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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Week-end ahead

Haven't blogged for awhile- no particular reason. Highlights of the last couple of weeks include:

My friend's baptism- what an amazing testimony.

Great cell group meetings- learning about Paul's letter to the Galatians-and I really have learnt a lot.

Family photoshoot- haven't seen the proofs yet.

Getting into my project- starting a new literature review- the effects of policy on caregiving. Have to give a paper at Oxford University in December- nervous already. Awaiting feedback from the ethics committee.

Feeling proud of my children for nothing in particular- just because they are my children! Charlie is working hard and enjoying his free time. He is turning into a mature young man. Harry did well with his recent tracking grades and is making us laugh. He got Charlie to write a note to his teacher today to try and get him out of games. He wrote that Harry was unable to do games as his leg was injured from being in a car accident ! Rosie's parents evening this week- all good apart from maths-takes after her mother I think. She is over the moon as I bought her a Jack Wills hoody ( not cheap) which was meant for Christmas, but I couldn't resist giving it to her today.

Graham is stressed ( work) but trusting God. Our bible notes were so apt for today ( Don't fear, don't be anxious etc).

Soooooooo looking forward to the week-end. I'm off to Cambridge for a ladies conference. This will be my 5th one and I always come back feeling so refreshed and rejuvenated in the Lord. Margaret Stunt is one of the speakers and she is so funny. She is like a stand-up comedian preacher. My friend who recently became a Christian is coming with us and I know she will enjoy it.

Our new cat Lily is adorable. She is a 4 year -old persian rescue cat. She is so pretty but quite docile and hasn't quite got the hang of using the litter tray yet. Apparently she was bullied in her last home which might explain her toileting mishaps. She is going out for a couple of hours during the day but we are not letting her out of the garden which we have Lily-proofed.

The children break up tomorrow for two weeks. Can't wait for relaxing mornings with no school run. We are going to Center Parcs for the week-end and have a trip to London planned including a theatre trip- Sister Act. My mum is also coming down at some point and Graham's parents are coming over to see her.


Martha said...

Sounds like you have your hands full! I demand to see more pictures of Lily lol, have fun at the Ladies Conference! <3

P.S. I missed you too :)

Daune said...

How was the conference? Speakers? Perhaps any from America?
I enjoy reading about your life...mine pales in activity compared to yours...but it's that season for me~
Love ya.