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Sunday, 18 April 2010

France, mum's 80th and end of holidays

We have had a lovely break in France. We went to Center Parcs in the Loire valley with some friends and had a relaxing time. Charlie also brought a friend with us and the 7 children got on really well together. The journey home was not so good, probably due to the airport closure as a result of the volcano eruption in Iceland causing a cloud of volcanic ash above most of Europe. The sheer volume of traffic was horrendous throughout northern France. We eventually arrived home at 2.30am and then had to be up bright and early for a three hour journey to Stalybridge, where my brother lives. He had organised a party for my mum's 80th. The weather was superb and the journey and views across the peak district and moors was stunning. It was good to see everybody and catch up with all their family news, some good, and some not so good. But that is life.

Have just taken Harry to church for band practice before the service. Graham has taken Charlie to Aylesbury for hopefully his last rugby match of the season. Looking forward to worshipping God this morning and listening to His word.

The children are back at school on Tuesday. It has been a good break for all of us, even though I have managed to do a lot of work during the last three weeks.

2 comments: said...

what a wonderful trip! happy birthday to your mom :-) i would LOVE to see France! lucky girl

Nicky said...

Salut Caroline,
Glad to hear you had a brill time in France! and that you came back! I've just booked the ferry for our summer hols. Wish a happy birthday to your mum from us. God bless x Nicky