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Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday 25th April 2010

Church today was completely amazing; as Acts 1-8 was preached on I felt so stirred by God's word I literally felt my heartbeat quicken. Richard spoke prophetically and what moved me the most was when we prayed for people whose origin wasn't the UK. About a third of the congregation walked to the front and we prayed that God would bless them. Bedford is a multi-cultural town and many nations are represented within our church. Praise God!

The week-end has been restful with glorious weather. We even managed to get the barbecue out. We felt encouraged by the addition of a wonderful family at home group on Saturday and spent the rest of the day chilling in the garden after painting the garden furniture in an attempt to rejuvenate it as it is falling apart a bit.

Harry had his grade 5 guitar exam first thing this morning. Hopefully he did ok and at least it's out of the way. Charlie is preparing for the start of his gcses with a Spanish oral exam on Friday. He also had his last rugby game of the season this morning and scored two tries- his only ones this season. He was really made up about it. Rosie had a friend over yesterday and met up with some more friends today. She has been complaining of a sore ankle for a few days now. It doesn't look swollen but I may have to get it checked out this coming week. Graham has had a very busy week driving to a different town every day. Thankfully next week won't be as bad.

I had supervision last week which was really productive. Despite the criticism ( constructive ) about my interview technique it was a really good two hour session about the thesis. My supervisors all gave me great help and advice and will really try and help me finish by the end of the third year. So, that is 18 months to go which means I really need to start writing! I have a whole chapter to produce by next month ( 10,000 ) words, a conference abstract to write, a Website piece to write, a poster to produce for a presentation and continue with the fieldwork and literature. So, less facebook, less Internet browsing, less coffee and lunchtime chats with friends ( well, a little less) and more focus required. But with God's help I will do it.

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i miss those moving Spirit Filled services!! i am speaking at Aglow thrusday so keep me in prayer :-) good luck on your writing. thanks also for all your nice comments on my blog. you are so encouraging!! I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend :-)