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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Wednesday 5th May

Another month goes by. I've had a great week so far, despite a day spent in bed with a virus temperature buggy thingy. Thought it was hayfever symptoms at first. Feeling better now though and trying to get fit for my walk up Helvelyn via Striding Edge next week-end.

The Bank Holiday week-end was good. We didn't do much apart from a barbeque one day and another we went to see Graham's parents. Charlie has his first proper gcse tomorrow so we need to tread softly around him for the next few weeks. Harry got a distinction in his grade five guitar exam and is very pleased with himself. Rosie is also getting ready for exams.

Just about to start my 10,000 word draft methodology chapter and I will be very happy once I have finished it as I'm so busy with recruiting participants at the moment. I went to an Age Concern meeting this morning which was a good networking event.

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the hike and bbq sound like so much fun :-) wow! you are all academic achievers!!! good job on all that and good luck as you begin yours. i hope you have a wonderful week!!