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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I've had such a busy week work wise, but have achieved a lot and am now thinking about our holiday in a couple of weeks, whoop, whoop!

I presented a poster at the BSG last week and presented a paper at the International Carers Conference at the week end. I was so nervous beforehand, but God took my fear away! Lots of people were praying for me and I could sense that God was with me throughout the weekend.

So, my second year as PhD student is almost over and I am ready for a holiday before I start my final year. The children have broken up from school. As I write this I'm looking out onto our garden with four children asleep in two tents. Both Harry and Rosie had friends over yesterday and they decided to camp out. Tonight Harry has his first gig with his band Sel Zout at a local nightclub. It is a school competition. Charlie is half-way through his work experience which he is enjoying.

I have two people coming to house/Lily sit when we're away which is great. I really didn't want to put her in a cattery for two weeks.

So, life is very good. I have so much to thank God for, including the much needed holiday where we can re-charge our batteries and have some quality family time together.

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i hope you had wonderful family time together :-)