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Monday, 19 July 2010


Counting down the days now until our holidays. So looking forward to it! Feeling quite excited as we've decided to drive across Europe through the night which we haven't done since before the children were born.

Feeling apprehensive about Charlie having five days in Rome with a friend and his family and then flying on his own to Basle where we will meet him. I'm just praying that God will protect him. I know this is a sign of things to come the older he gets and it won't be too long before he flies the nest.

I have three interviews to do this week as well as fitting in a busking trip to Cambridge with Harry and his band.

Rosie went to Dorset with a friend this weekend and I drove to meet her in Newbury yesterday. I was so pleased to see her. She had a great time and had been swimming in the sea and out on a pedalo.

My car has been repaired after it rolled down the drive and crashed into the wall as I hadn't put the handbrake on properly! We walked to the garage in Kempston to collect it on Saturday morning. The walk was lovely through the village and along the river. In the afternoon we met some of our home group at the river festival. We found a lovely 'afternoon tea' tent and stayed there for the afternoon drinking tea and eating scones away from the hustle and bustle of the festival- think I'm getting old but there were thousands of people there and we couldn't move and had to queue to cross the bridges!

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sounds like you are having a busy summer!! sorry about your car... Thank Goodness we can put our family in God's capable hands ;-)