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Friday, 15 April 2011

Easter holidays

We had a few days in sunny Interlaken over the week-end. It was so hot and the weather was like how it is during August. We were going to go sledging but went walking and swimming instead. The snowline was retreating higher up the mountains so we decided to give it a miss. We climbed Harder Kulm which took two hours and then two hours down again. Rosie brought a friend with us and I was worried as she had never climbed a mountain before, but she was fine. The short break did me good and I started back working straight away and finished my second draft chapter yesterday.

I'm so enjoying the lazy mornings when I can stay in my pjs without school runs to contend with. Looking forward to seeing an old friend next week who I lived with in Switzerland. She is over here from Australia for a holiday and I spoke to her the other day. We are planning to meet in Cambridge next week as she will be staying with her sister who lives in Norfolk.

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