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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

30th March 2011

Another month which has whizzed by. It has been a challenging last few days:

Leaking bathroom- if we stood in the kitchen we could shower due to the leak from the bathroom above which is coming through the light sockets! So I managed to find a great handyman via a friend who has re-grouted and re-tiled most of the bathroom. He has also re-sealed and whitened the grout in our bathroom.

Broken laptop- I knocked my cup-a-soup over my laptop on Monday! It immediately stopped working. Thankfully I had just backed up my work. I have also managed to install NVivo on Harry's laptop and have copied my project onto that. So I can still work whilst a friend is going to try and retrieve the data from my old laptop. A lesson learnt.

Crisis with my mother- My mum's mental health is deteriorating and she allowed some dodgy guys to do some work on her roof. However, when they were demanding £600 from her a lady who was driving by recognised the roofers ( who had done the same to her ) and she dialled 999. The police arrived within minutes and did a great job. Apparently these guys were well known to them. My poor mum is obviously very shaken up about this. So I drove an almost 400 mile round trip on Sunday to go and see her. We had a nice day and I took her to my dad's tree and then we went out for something to eat. She is so confused though and can't remember much at all. It is a worry and she won't move in with us.

Working on a second draft chapter this week and just about to have a brief interlude to meet a friend who is coming over from Cambridge. I'm planning on taking her to the John Bunyan museum and then out for lunch.

Looking forward to a night in tonight. Monday we had book group and last night was Alpha which was excellent.


Nicky said...

Hi Caroline,I hope your mum gets over the trauma of those conmen! I find time flies too quick too. Still, we are enjoying the warm weather lately. God bless x

Daune said...

Hi! How is your mom now? How frustrating that she won't move in with you...I'm sure that puts undue stress on you as you wonder what she'll do...kinda like I used to do with my they're under my nose, so it's not an issue; there are other things to deal with ;o-)
Have a great week!