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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tuesday, 8th June 2011

A great couple of weeks have been had by all. Highlights include:

Short trip to Interlaken-bad weather but went swimming and walking and it was a time of relaxation. I read Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa, an amazing powerful novel about the life of a Palestinian woman and her family. The novel spans four generations and gives a profound insight into life in a Palestinian refugee camp and the atrocities of the Israeli-Palestinian war. It was written from a Palestinian perspective which I hadn't really considered before, when thinking about the Jews return to the promised land. It just made me want to read about the experiences of Palestinian Christians, so I am waiting for This Side of Peace by Hanan Ashrawi to arrive from Amazon.

Amazing times at church-a day drip to the beach with the twenties group, powerful and life-changing talks about how God worked through Nehemiah and God ministering to people during the Alpha Holy Spirit evening.

Rosie will be 13 on the 14th! My baby will be a teenager. Her party is on Saturday. 17 girls will be having a manicure here. It is also Graham's mum's 80th and we will be having a small party for her here the day before.

Next week-end three friends and myself will be going to Interlaken for the weekend to do part of the Alpine Way, from Schynige Platte to First. The walk will take 6 hours. Really looking forward to it. Last year we climbed Helvellyn and decided to go continental this year. However, next week will be busy as I have my next draft chapter deadline on Thursday. The following week I will be presenting at the HSC conference which I'm not looking forward to.

Charlie's exams have finished and he has been busy doing jobs for us around the house as he needs to earn some money to help fund his trip to China next month. Harry is in the middle of exams and is off school timetable this week. Rosie is winding down now until the end of term and end of an era on the 8th July.

It will be our 20th wedding anniversary on the 22nd!

2 comments: said...

happy birthday to your girl and happy anniversary to you!! its going to be our 20th this summer too :-)

fatmonica said...

Caroline, I can't believe it's been 20 years!!I remember your wedding-it was beautiful.Hope Rosie had a great birthday!