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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Working from home

I'm trying to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons of working from home. Whilst it is great that I can spend time in my own home and can combine work with the children and housework, I do miss my student colleagues. My home environment is more conducive to writing than the one at work but it is also one which leads to distraction. I also tend to accept too many coffee/lunch invitations. I recognise that I need to be more disciplined but putting it into practice is another matter. The cat getting stuck up a tree (again) whilst chasing a bird this morning didn't help! Thankfully Charlie is at home and so scaled the tree with a basket which the cat jumped into and then passed it down to me. Working on another draft findings chapter at the moment which is due in on Monday.

Charlie only has 3 more AS exams left, Harry has had a few end of year and an early gcse exam with more to follow after half term and Rosie's end of year exams are taking place all this week.

The weather is lovely but at the back of my mind I am concerned that we haven't had any rain for weeks now and the garden is looking very dry. The North of the country are having more than average rainfall whilst in the South there is talk of a drought!

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thats exciting! a lot of people wish they could do that. Blessings as you make your future choices for work :-) i do the same thing (making a lot of commitments).... it takes practice to stay home ;-)