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Saturday, 6 August 2011

My boy is home! Thanking God for the safe return of Charlie and how He has protected him during his month travelling and doing community work throughout China and Hong Kong. He has so many stories to tell us and we stayed up late last night so he could show us his photos. What an amazing time he has had.

The other two are at Newday and are also having a fantastic time with over 7000 12-19 year olds. One of Harry's friends who he took with him became a Christian-praise God. They are back tomorrow lunchtime and then all my chicks will have returned to the nest for a short time anyway!

Graham and I went to Interlaken on our own for 3 days this week. We had a great time and did the big walk- I didn't ache as much afterwards this time probably as I had climbed Helvellyn 10 days earlier. Prior to that my mum came down for 5 days which went well. She can't communicate properly but she had a good time and managed the train journey well. We took her over to see Graham's parents too.

I had supervision yesterday to discuss my thesis and for the first time I was told that I could possibly submit it at the end of the year! I have so much to do though but will do my best to finish it asap.

Our family holiday approaches which may be our last one for a while as Charlie won't want to come away with us next year. Looking forward to being together before the new season for all of us- Charlie's final school year, Harry's GCSE year and Rosie starting a new school. Exciting times ahead though.

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masa said...

I love Interlaken too !!!