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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Knuckling down

I am determined to finish my PhD and am aiming to submit on 31st December this year. So in an attempt to be less distracted by the Internet whilst I am working I have de-activated my Facebook account. However I am now on Twitter and am hoping that this won't distract me either. We have had a heatwave here in the UK during the last few days which has been a lovely start to Autumn and makes the prospect of the predicted Arctic Winter more bearable. We headed over to Cambridge on Saturday ( just the two of us) which was great-we're still thinking about moving back once Rosie has finished her GCSEs, which will be in two year's time.

We are all well and enjoying some of the challenges in our lives at the moment!

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fatmonica said...

Good luck with the PhD. What a great achievement it'll be once it's done.And how great it'll be to have your life back!!