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Monday, 21 September 2009


First day of Autumn today and there was a significant nip in the air this morning when I took the children to school.

Had an enjoyable week-end which went far too quickly. We went out with friends for a curry on Saturday night which was good fun. The children were busy with friends and sport. Charlie played rugby twice and all had friends over.

In an attempt to be better organised I arranged for a Sainsbury's home delivery today to free up some time. It did work, but the free time was spent having coffee with a friend this afternoon instead of working. Never mind. I went to the gym first thing and didn't find the 25min on the treadmill as arduous as I did last week.

Read some of 'Family Practices in Later Life' ( my new book on ageing )this afternoon and hoped for some inspiration for another literature review I need to write. I think I will either focus on gender or grandparents, both themes which I have touched on before but need to be further elaborated upon.

Must go and make tea before I start my taxi service which include 2 trips to church.


gelie said...

Maybe it's a reminder that Christmas is coming. Have a great week Caroline. God bless

Daune said...

I so appreciate how you real...I feel like I'm your neighbor!
What is curry,tho...? Glad you forgive my ignorance. *smile*
Did you read my story yet? Give me your just came to me and I started's really about actual events in my life...but it's truly a fairy tale, the kind of life we all want.
Have a great day.

Daune said...

And, actually has gotten down to 55 degrees fahrenheit here! But it's going back to 90 degrees again, so I can't really say it feels like fall! We have to wait until November.