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Friday, 25 September 2009

Friday 25th September 2009

Having a good week. The sun has been shining and I actually sat outside and sunbathed yesterday afternoon. I am full of a cold though and two of the children I take to school have been ill and off school this week.

I have been working from home for most of the week and just need to finalise my ethics form, work plan, consent forms and other appendices today before my supervisors see it and then hopefully I can submit it on the 1st Oct.

We have a busy week-end ahead. I am going to Cambridge to attend a seminar on ageing tomorrow. It is Cambridge University's 800 year anniversary and we were all supposed to be going but due to a lack of interest from all of the family, I will nip over there for a couple of hours on my own! Graham and the others are going to see MK Dons play Leeds United and Rosie has a hockey match first thing.

Tonight we have been invited to friends' for a barbecue whilst the children are all at church. Our Friday evenings have taken on a whole new dimension. For the first time ever since before the children were born we have a 11/2 hour slot all to ourselves! So we have started to make the most of it by spending the time together before we start the taxi service at 8pm!

Tomorrow evening it is our annual 'safari supper' in the village. The fancy dress theme is 'emergency services' which would have been great if I could have fitted into my old nurse's uniform- which I couldn't! So, I have bought some disposable scrub gowns, gloves, masks and hats off eBay and just hope they arrive in time. Otherwise we will have to wear fluorescent jackets and go as the AA!

On Sunday Graham is welcoming at church, so I will have to take Charlie to rugby and drop him off. We are now realising how difficult it is to take part in sport on Sundays without our 4pm service.

We are thinking about getting another cat and there is a possibility of one arriving at the local Persian rescue this week-end. Apparently she is a 4 year old Persian tortie, so will look like Lulu. I don't know whether that is a good idea though, so am waiting for a photograph before we make our minds up.

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