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Friday, 6 November 2009

Friday 6th November 2009

Have had a good week. Work has gone well. I've now contacted 2 people for my pilot study and plan to visit them next week. Busy writing about policy and care giving as well.

We went to a local fireworks display on Wednesday which was great, particularly as it was free. Charlie and Rosie are going to another one tonight with friends and then we're all going to a party tomorrow night following a school concert Harry is playing his guitar in.

The nights are really drawing in now and it's getting cold as well. Still mustn't grumble!

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Daune said...

Hey! Just curious about the there a holiday your country is celebrating?
I wish you could come here and interview me for your study...I'm sure I'd have so much to share!!!
Have a great day we'll sit together and enjoy some heavenly drink in a coffeeshop in heaven...or we'll twirl together at His the meantime, let's just enjoy the moments that bring us together-Jesus and His love!