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Monday, 22 February 2010

Back from holiday

We had an amazing week in Wengen and it was good to spend time with my brother and his boys. The children loved skiing which has really improved this year after 3days of lessons. They even went down a black run. Harry ( middle name danger ) was fearless and sledged down some of the ski runs. I did worry when he was on some of the runs and during a snowstorm he went ahead of us and managed to get lost. His phone was out of charge so we couldn't contact him. We learnt some lessons that day.

The snow followed us back through Europe and as I write this it is snowing heavily. Yesterday was spent recovering from the 15 hour drive home. We got home at 2am. I washed and mended school uniform for the boys including blazers and trousers and Rosie's sweater had a hole around the neck. The children went back to school today but I am waiting for a phone call from the school to say it is closed due to the snow!

Must be more disciplined when on holiday as I have let my bible readings slip by one week. I will catch up over this coming week, but I am easily distracted when not in my usual routine. I must endeavour to make more of an effort next time we are away.

Looking forward to the coming week. I plan to follow-up the children's centre letters with a visit or phone call and have a two day training course on NVivo which help me with my data analysis. We are going to a quiz on Friday to fund raise for Charlie's World Challenge trip and both Rosie and Harry have parties. Our home group resumes on Saturday morning after a break for half-term which should be good.


Daune said...

What amazing pix!!! You must like cold cuz your faces are so warm and happy!
We've had a crazy busy month...yet, I'm not missing blogging. Life has been so full...perhaps I can share someday with you.
Have a great week! said...

looks like a wonderful vacation! great photos :-)

baili said...

wow you made me feel even colder ,glad you had great fun pics are amazing take care

Nicky said...

Hi Caroline, how are you? Super photos! Would you say England was just as cold as Wengen!! God bless Nicky