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Monday, 1 February 2010

Have felt tired and sluggish all week-end. After looking up my symptoms online I realised that I have all the hypothyroidism symptoms so made an appointment to see my GP today. I then went to the local hospital to have some blood taken and I'll find out the results at the end of the week. I then went to Carers Bedfordshire and spoke to someone about my project who will advertise it for me.

Trying to do a bit of work interspersed with housework before going to collect Rosie from School

2 comments: said...

oh dear. i'm sorry you've been having trouble. make sure you are doing the simple things - no caffeine at night. lots of water. fresh fruits,veggies,whole grains, lean meats, healthy eating blah blah blah. Sometimes diet and exercise can make a big difference. I hope you feel better soon! Oh, and make sure you are getting enough potassium in your diet. That can also cause sluggishness. A prayer for you!!

Since we're both the same type of churchy people, i used to like going to evening services and then go home and eat a bunch because i was famished - or worse out to eat. That kind of not eating a long time and then eating a pile is a horrible thing for well being. of course the services are great and there's nothing like a touch from God, but the lifestyle can be really hard. Now i bring a water bottle to church and drink it so i won't be so famished when i get home.
i hope it all works out ok.. may your youth be renewed - run and not be weary, walk and not faint double portion ;-)

baili said...

i am so sorry dear i hope things will be good again ,god will definitely give you strength to survive successfully,best of luck for you health and each goal in life and thank you so much for kind words on my blog take great care god bless you