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Friday, 10 September 2010

Prayer and fasting

Almost at the end of a week of prayer and fasting. As a church we are doing this in anticipation that God will become closer to us, change us as we seek to get closer to Him. It hasn't been easy and most of the time I've found it difficult to remember to pray, read my bible etc in place of the things I'm fasting from. For example, I haven't been on Facebook at all and I'm not eating junk food. I know I have lost weight which is a good thing and I know that too much Facebook is not good for me, and perhaps God is telling me not to go on it all, as it is just wasting time.

There have been extra praise and worship times at church during the week, including a 6am prayer meeting which Graham went to before work. We will go to the 8am service in the morning. All this is making me think that this is how we should be living our lives at all times.

Looking forward to the week end with the village show on Sunday. Harry and his band are playing which is great. Rosie has a hockey match tomorrow at Graham's old school and Charlie is starting to help out at youth club tonight. But most of all I'm looking forward to a Saturday night in as we haven't one for absolutely ages. Staying in is definitely the new going out for me! Perhaps I'm just getting old.

I've had a busy week work wise and will have interviewed 6 people by the end of tonight! I now have 19 participants which means I'm running to schedule. If I write about 500 words a day for the next couple of weeks I'll be on target to finish a piece of work before the end of the month.

Our flat in Interlaken looks set to go ahead which is so exciting. We have paid the deposit and have secured the mortgage at a very low rate of interest. Graham flies out next week to meet the notary and a completion date has been set for the 4th Jan. Ikea here I come, but won't be able to rent it out for a while.

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i hear ya!! sometimes i have to fast from the computer ;-) Great post. Glad things are well.