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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful to God for many things at the moment:

Family-Graham and children and our health
Friends-I'm thankful that God always provides supportive friends especially at times when I need them.
The privilege of helping lead the Twenties group at church with Graham. We had 17 young adults in our growth group on Tuesday night and it was great. I'm so excited to see how God is going to help us all to grow and how He will transform us over the next few weeks. We're still running our Saturday group for the time being.
The opportunity to work from home and I'm praying that I won't get so easily distracted when I'm trying to write.

Another deadline approaches and I need to get my act together and start working hard. It has been difficult to write anything half decent during the last few weeks with the children being off school. Normally I can work when the children are here, with fights, arguments and laughter surrounding me alongside the general background noise that three children plus their friends make but since Harry has upped his band practices the noise from electric guitars has caused my brain to cease functioning I think!

I took my car to the garage this morning to sort out the air conditioning (which they couldn't fix and I have to return it next week)and as I was walking to collect my car I took the above picture of the lovely countryside.

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lovely scenery :-) Blessings as you work with that group!!