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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Fireworks and bonfires

We've had a great week so far. I've thoroughly enjoyed being at the O.U. this week and felt as if I have made a bit of a breakthrough in terms of my project thinking this week as I'm managing to sort out its different components. I enjoyed my supervision this week. It is great to feel challenged every week.

The children are fine and are all engrossed with school, friends and sport. We went to a brilliant firework display at the golf club on Thursday. Thankfully it didn't rain. Tonight we're going to a bonfire and fireworks party at a friend's house in the village which should be good fun.

Today's growth group went well despite there being only two of us! We had a good discussion and prayer time. Next week the couple who have been away will be back to join us and a new lady wants to join.

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