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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Wednesday 13th November 2008

I'm having a good but busy week so far. I have some work to finish off before tomorrow's supervision and should have been writing tonight. However I went to a prayer meeting at church instead which was great. God's presence was tangible and again I was reminded of the privilege of being a member of our church. We have a thanksgiving weekend planned which I'm looking forward to with friends coming for lunch on Saturday and a family coming for Sunday lunch. I was thinking on the way home from MK today about all the things God has placed in my life that I am thankful for. I was listening to a Matt Redman CD when ' Blessed be Your Name ' was played. How apt it was for me. In fact the tune just won't go away. God has poured out so many blessings on my life( and my family's) which need to be turned back to praise for Him!

Still trying to work out how to download the actual video onto here despite being told how to do only this evening! Never mind.

Anyway, I'm off to bed and pray that God will give me clarity of thought for the three hours tomorrow morning before my supervision!


Luke said...

Hi Caroline, here's how to 'embed' that video.

First go to the webpage where the video lives. You'll see in the bottom right corner of the video section itself a box with a white triangle that looks like an arrow pointing upwards. Put your mouse over that box and another box will appear - click on that. This will make the video smaller and two bits of information will come up: "embed" and "URL". Click in the text box under "Embed", select everything in that box and copy it.

Now open up the "Edit post" option for this post, and on the top right of the text box you'll see two options: "Compose" and "Edit HTML". Click on "Edit HTML" and the text box's contents will change a bit (it's all the information behind the text, as well as the text itself).

Choose where you want to put the video and paste what you copied.

Now click on "Compose" again. It won't look like anything has changed but if you publish the post and have a look at it, you should find the video itself now in your page.

Hope that helps!


Caroline said...

Thanks! With Charlie's help I have managed it. There will be no stopping me now!