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Friday, 28 November 2008

Friday 28th November 2008

I've had a really strange week with conflict, car breakdown, asthmatic wheeze, a building site in the kitchen, and that is just me. Graham has had a stressful week at work, Harry has had several nose bleeds, and Rosie has been mega busy with sport, ballet and other groups. Something really awful happened when Graham wasn't sat at his desk and the reality of the situation hasn't really hit me. The window just behind him fell onto the desk. His office is now cordoned off and investigations are taking place into why the accident happened. Charlie has had an ok week thankfully. I went to see a good friend of mine this afternoon to pray about things. She has also been feeling burdened and oppressed, particularly following the Thanksgiving week at church.

However, amidst the feelings of chaos I know that God has been with us and is teaching me to walk more closely with Him. I also had a positive supervision session at work and feel I am progressing quite well.

I have finished The Last Sin Eater this week and have started a novel by Sadie Jones- The Outcast which is great. Can't believe it's December next week and I won't be able to start Christmas preparations like make Christmas cakes until the kitchen is finished which looks a long way off at the moment.

Have had to cancel cell group tomorrow unfortunately. We've also got a busy weekend planned- well the children have. Rosie has hockey at 8.30am, then her grade 3 ballet exam and then the school Christmas fete followed by a sleep over. Harry has got a party and Charlie is playing rugby for the school. In the evening we're going out for a curry with four friends.

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