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Monday, 17 November 2008

Monday 17th November 2008

We've had a great weekend which culminated in two Thanksgiving services at church yesterday where we recommitted our lives. The highlights of the two services were the corporate declaration of faith which involved signing our names on a huge roll of paper. Prior to that we had written thank you cards to God which provided a good opportunity to think about what we are thankful for. In between the two services, friends came for lunch.

The afternoon service was extremely lively with some great worship and after congoing (not sure whether that's a word ) around the church three or four times and dancing I felt like I had been to the gym. It was such good fun- even Graham boogied slightly. Harry was shattered at the end of the day after playing in the band twice. He said he had played 14 songs in total! It was so good to see him jumping up and down on stage really worshipping God. All the children loved the day.

On Saturday we went to the local pub for a meal with 9 other couples which was ok. At least I didn't get food poisoning again!

It is Charlie's fifteenth birthday the day after tomorrow. He is growing up so quickly. He played rugby twice this weekend and won both matches.

I have been swimming first thing this morning after dropping the children off at school and have been sat at the computer for much of the rest of the day trying to write but appear to have a mental block. It is because I have no pressure for a few days, although I have got more to do for this week's supervision. I need to go out soon to take Harry's banjo to the guitar centre as it needs a new string before collecting Rosie to take her to ballet.

Going to have a last ditch attempt at work for the day

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Freedom in the Dance said...

How much fun to worship God that way!!! I love to dance and when I hear others movin' to the heartbeat of the love of our Daddy, it makes me so happy!
Have a great day.