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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Almost there

Photos of the village, our Christmas tree, Nativity welcome lights and Rosie.

I haven't done any work all week as I have been unwell with asthma from all the dust. I finally went to the Dr today and my steroid inhaler has been increased until I start to feel better. I have also been given a peak flow meter so I can adjust my dosage accordingly. Thankfully I haven't got a chest infection which I thought I might have as I was awake for a lot of the night coughing and wheezing. I think the 4 grams of vit c I have been taking daily for the last few weeks is helping. I have missed the department Christmas party at work today and probably the Christmas lunch tomorrow. Never mind. The kitchen is almost finished. Tomorrow will be the last day of decorating. It does look great and once I have thoroughly cleaned everywhere downstairs and am able to breathe freely I will be a lot happier.

Church was amazing last week. Luke's sermon was brilliant. Here is a link:

We then went to the park for an outdoor carol service which we thoroughly enjoyed. Rosie has had a good couple of days with friends and the boys broke up this lunchtime. Harry had a couple of friends round for a jamming session. Poor Graham was trying to work from home today but found it too noisy. Charlie went into town with his mates and 13 of them went to the Chinese buffet for lunch.

My car came back today and we are hoping that it is completely fixed and safe to drive.

We have our last home group on Saturday until January. I am so enjoying them. Another couple approached me on Sunday and want to join in the New Year as they also find mid week groups difficult to attend.

Can't believe I have been writing this for almost a year. Not sure how or whether to continue. I must work out how I can print it out.

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Freedom in the Dance said...

Oh Caroline...please don't stop writing...I so enjoy seeing what's going on in your world.
Your posts are encouraging as well as extremely educational from my perspective;)

What a beautiful pix...of the town as well as your others.

I've tagged you as a fabulous female blogger...head on over to my blog and check out what I wrote and then play along if you can.
Merry Christmas and a marvelous New Year...