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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Peace amidst chaos

It is still a bomb site here with so much dust I am having to use inhalers. However I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. The units are up and the work surfaces down, but still can't use them as they need another two coats of treatment oil. I can, however start to put things back in the cupboards which is great. Next week the floor will be tiled and the fridge plumbed in and walls plastered and painted. Hopefully it will be ready for Christmas.

Last night we went to hear Rosie sing in a carol concert in aid of a local hospice which the school support. It was really good and Bedford Town Brass Band were excellent. Charlie has gone away with church for the weekend to Letton Hall in Norfolk. Harry has 'welcome to the family' this morning at church and Graham has a men's breakfast after his golf lesson. We are going ahead with home group this morning and I'm sure it will go well. The new lady is definitely coming this morning and another couple want to get involved after Christmas. Rosie is going to Winchester for a netball match this afternoon.

Plans for the rest of the weekend include cleaning, kitchen work and then chilling and relaxing. A friend popped by yesterday morning and along with the builder they both told me about a really funny TV series called 'Outnumbered.' I had never heard of it. It is a sitcom about a family with three children and is very funny as the children part improvise. I went on BBC iplayer and watched two episodes! Yes it is worth watching-seeing as I never find anything worth watching on TV these days, and I think all the family will enjoy it. Apparently it is on tonight. We were due to have a family round for tea today but have cancelled it.They kindly invited us but think we will stay at home.

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