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Saturday, 13 December 2008

Light at the end of the tunnel

Another week goes by and the kitchen is still not ready. The tiles are now in place and the utility room is almost finished. The big American fridge freezer is in place and working which is great. The kitchen just needs to be decorated, along with the utility room and conservatory.

I've had another busy and stressful week. I am using my inhalers every day now and am still fighting off an infection. I have also been full of a cold for two days. The dust is everywhere and no matter how much I clean, it is back the next day. The car is back in the garage and after paying £1400 the existing clanging noise wasn't repaired and the car is now making a new noise.

I am really turning into Mrs Grumpy Old Woman.

On a lighter note. The children have had their school reports, and Rosie sung a duet in the carol concert at school and did a reading. Rosie has now broken up from school. The boys break up next Wednesday. We have a great day ahead tomorrow with our Christmas giving service at church in the morning. We have made two hampers to be distributed to families in Bedford which we will take with us. In the afternoon there is the outdoor carol service in Bedford Park. Just hoping it doesn't rain.

Nine of us went to the Kiln on Tuesday evening. It was great fun and I decorated a bowl which I will give to Rosie for Christmas.

Finally getting round to thinking about Christmas and I don't just mean Christ's birthday. We bought and decorated the tree today and put it in the lounge this year ( as it is the only liveable room in the house at the moment). It looks great. Harry and Rosie decorated their rooms and we had to have a competition to see whose was the best. Harry had ripped up hundreds of bits of white paper and thrown them on the floor for snow and had wrapped his guitars in tinsel (I tried hard not to think about the clearing up). As we walked in each room they played Christmas carols to add to the atmosphere. Rosie had a disco feel to her room with a fibre optic flashing tree and a psychedelic coloured box on her bed. They both looked great and we have yet to declare the winner.

Lulu is trying to climb up the tree and playing with the baubles. It's like having a toddler in the house again.

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Freedom in the Dance said...

I love your description of the kid's reminds me of our boys...the silly things they did.
Be encouraged that you are loved by the Creator of the Universe and He is forever calling your name and singing over you!
Enjoy this holiday and your precious is way too you watch, "It's a Wonderful Life"? That's my favorite movie and it brings me back every year to what really matters...
Hugs and Christmas bells...daune