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Sunday, 28 December 2008

On the road to recovery

I stayed in bed until 3pm today but I am up and out of it and have just made a turkey lasagne for the family. I have only used my reliever inhaler once today so far and feel I am breathing a little easier. Praise God! However I will still go back to the Dr tomorrow as I still have chest pain. How I hate being ill and not able to do all the things I would normally do. I do feel God has been teaching me stuff through this though and if only that I have slowed down and read loads of the bible. I am in fact on track to finish the whole bible by the end of the year now- the first time ever, as I usually end up in October or November's readings and then have too much to catch up with.

I have even been thinking of giving up on my PhD but will continue to pray for God's wisdom on that one as it is only through Him that I was given the studentship in the first place.

Graham took the children to church and he said the sermon was amazing- I will download it and listen to it at some point. Graham has now gone to the gym with a three day free pass he was given and the children are playing on the nintendo wii we bought them for Christmas. We have played some good family games over the last few days including 'Pass the Bomb' which is a fantastic word game and seems to send Harry into hyper mode. Christmas gift highlights include Harry's ukulele which he plays constantly and Charlie's remote helicopter. I couldn't believe my present. I didn't think for one minute I would have one but Graham bought me a Sony Reader an ebook. Rosie had some clothes which she looks beautiful in. Christmas Day's sermon included a discussion about why we give each other presents on Jesus's birthday. It was really funny as Richard was talking about the fact that the wise men were male and the presents they bought for Jesus weren't very practical. He said if the wise men had been wise women they would have brought nappies and clothes and a meal for Mary!!

We had to put my mum off from coming down but hopefully she will come next week instead.

Lasagne in the oven smells lovely. Must go and prepare dinner.

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