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Monday, 21 December 2009

Waiting for the electrician and the A.A.

My car wouldn't start this morning so I phoned the AA at 11.30am and they arrived at 6.30pm! Due to the awful weather conditions I wasn't a priority. Whilst Rosie was in the shower all the upstairs lighting went and as the fuse box is a bit old and dodgy I phoned an electrician and also had to wait for him to arrive. So, I managed to wrap all the presents I have bought so far without the children being remotely interested in what I was doing as they were outside in the snow. Harry tied two sledges to his bike and gave Rosie and her friend rides up and down the road. Charlie started his revision today so was busy studying or not in his room.

The car battery was flat so I had to take a trip in the snow to Halfords to buy a new battery. Why do these things happen when Graham is away? Anyway, I'm back home, relaxing in front of the T.V and watching Outnumbered series one.

Almost Christmas- cakes to be marzipanned and iced tomorrow.

3 comments: said...

what an interesting turn of events!! Enjoy your day of baking! Hope things get better!

baili said...

hi,life is beautiful bundle of these kind of colorful incidents,enjoy you amazing life and wonderful Christmas ,god bless you

baili said...

hi i think i found you through a following box from some where,i am a new blogger and always looking for nice and happening blogs as they can be my inspiration thanks for beautiful response take care god bless you