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Friday, 11 December 2009

Weekend again

It is Friday, and I've had a good week so far with many things to be thankful for including:

Family- Graham has been unwell with a cold and actually spent most of yesterday in bed. He is better today and went to London today for a meeting. He told me it was much worse than man flu! Not convinced though. Rosie was also ill, but was desperate to go to school for the end of term parties and fun stuff so I let her. She was fine. The boys have gone away with church for the week-end. They almost missed the coach though as we thought we had to be at church for 5pm. We set off about ten to five and then I received a call from a friend to find out where we were as the coach was leaving! Apparently the coach was leaving at 5pm. Thankfully it waited for us. So the boys are away until Sunday. Rosie has been to a bowling party and to watch her friend in a play this evening.

Good health. I'm taking echinacea, vit c and zinc and acai berry in an attempt to boost my immune system.

Harry's musical gift. He played in a concert on Wednesday evening and did a solo in front of over 500 people!

My work- I enjoyed a Christmas lunch this week, and am also enjoying my fieldwork.

We have a lovely week-end ahead. The children broke up from school today and are off for over three weeks. Tomorrow we're going to a Christmas party, and on Sunday we have two services to look forward to. the morning service is the Christmas giving service where we donate our hampers to be distributed to the needy families in the area. In the afternoon we have an outdoor Carol service in Bedford Park. We have invited several friends to it and then we are going back to the golf club for a drink.

Tomorrow morning we have our group. Last week was so good!

Bought the Christmas tree today. The guy who sold it to me said I should win the prize for being the quickest person ever to decide on which tree to buy! I laughed and told him that life was too short to be spent on decisions involving Christmas trees!!

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Daune said...

That's hilarious about how quickly you decided on your tree! Love the is way too short.
Be blessed and may your family recover and enjoy each day of this season.