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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Harry's birthday

Harry celebrated his 14th birthday yesterday. We bought him a laptop which he needs for school work and also it will stop him from using mine! We all went out to Frankie and Benny's in the evening and the lights were dimmed and the whole restaurant sung 'Happy Birthday' to him when the waitress brought his dessert. He is going to have his party in a couple of weeks which will involve 6 or 7 noisy boys, a band and no sleep.

Graham is off to a men's conference on Saturday with a large group of guys from church which he is looking forward to.

The weather remains cold but sunny and bright. Off to a coffee morning with friends shortly and then a birthday lunch with a friend. Seem to be socialising a lot this week, but have been working hard too. Attended a visual methods seminar yesterday which was very interesting and am recruiting participants. Still haven't got my first one yet but I am so close to a couple. I just don't want to pressurise people.

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Nicky said...

Hi Caroline, we wish Harry a very, very happy birthday. Camille is 20 on the 6th.. Exciting stuff! God bless you all.