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Saturday, 27 March 2010


Spring is well and truly here and whilst it has taken a long time to get here I am so appreciative of the changing seasons that God has given us and am enjoying so much the lighter, warmer days, the birdsong and the flowers. There are daffodils everywhere. My poinsettia plant which I bought at Christmas finally died so I have replaced it with a large vase of daffodils on the window bottom.

The children broke up from school yesterday and have three weeks holiday, which is great. The week has gone well and I had supervision on Wednesday which was ok. I'm conscious of the amount of work I have to do and also the groundwork I need to cover in order to recruit further participants. I will need to go to Luton to visit carers groups next week sometime and revisit my contacts here so not to lose the momentum.

A quiet week-end is planned. Charlie has his last rugby match tomorrow. Graham has sold his car and we are getting a company one next week. We have bought a little mini-convertible which will be fun to drive for me, as I'm so used to driving a bus! We pick it up today.

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