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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring is around the corner

Despite the cold weather we are having at the moment Spring is around the corner. The mornings are most definitely lighter as are the evenings and shrubs and flowers are growing and budding in the garden.

We had a good break although Graham and I were both ill with coughs an colds. We just couldn't rest as we had to be up early to sledge and ski every day. We walked miles every day. I'm sure the mountain air benefited us though.

The flat is looking more homely now with the addition of another sofa and a coffee table. The views from the lounge of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau are magnificent and we feel really blessed to not only have a place to stay but one with an amazing outlook. It is beyond my wildest dreams that we would ever have a home in the Bernese Oberland after spending the last twenty odd years in a tent on a campsite!

Back home and back to another chapter deadline for next Friday. If I can write 1000 words a day until then I will manage it, although I'm finding it difficult to motivate myself at the moment. Charlie has been on exam leave for the last two days as he has has mock AS levels so I am trying to motivate him to do some revision. It is Harry's birthday on Thursday and we'll go out for a family meal in the evening. He has a party to go to at the week-end and his recording studio session is at the end of the month where the band are going to cut their first disc! Rosie is busy planning her week-end as usual with friends and a sleepover will be involved no doubt.

Looking forward to my Freedom in Christ course tonight.

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you should put up some of your old place pics :-) Hope you are both better soon! I can't believe you get stuff growing!! ARUGH!! I have feet of snow covering my garden plants ;-)