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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Spring is here

What a fab sunny day it has been. Recovering from a chest infection so haven't done much work at all this week. I'm feeling much better now that the antibiotics have kicked in so back to it tomorrow. The cold virus thing that both Graham and I had over a month ago unfortunately got the better of me despite prayer, echinacea, acai powder and vit c and zinc supplements every day! However, I'm sure I would have been a lot worse without the above as I feel ok really.

We had a busy week last week and ate out several times. Alpha is being held at an Indian restaurant which is great. I am accompanying someone who I used to work with who started coming to church a few weeks ago. It was a friend's birthday so the four of us enjoyed a lovely steak meal at Box End. Friday night we had friend's round and Saturday night we out to friends' dinner. Sunday, after church was spent watching Harry and band busk.

On Saturday several of us visited the Charles Rennie Mackintosh museum in Northampton which was a real treat. The museum is a reconstructed house which he had designed during the 1st World War. Mackintosh started the Art Nouveau Arts and Crafts movement which is evident throughout the house he designed for his friends.It was fascinating to see how each room had been designed and I was very surprised to see how the decor would not look out of place today.

Decision time in our house as Rosie needs to decide by Friday which school to go to. She may join her brothers or opt to stay with her friends and go to the newly-merged school from September. She has got friends at the other school. We continue to pray for wisdom in this.

Can't stop singing the Tim Hughes song Everything at the moment which is a constant reminder that God is in the everything of my life. Whether it is writing my thesis, doing the washing, spending time together as a family, eating and sleeping, He is there with me. I briefly sat outside today and for the first time this year I felt warm sun on my face. I am so thankful for the seasons.


fatmonica said...

What a great blog you have here,Caroline.Why haven't you told me about it! said...

i love good worship..... i hope you are better!! Indian food sounds good!! My husband says that the words "good" and Indian Food" are an oxymoron.... He says this to a Half Indian wife!! MEN-hurumph ;-) Well he lets me eat it anyway. God bless!