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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Snowy Saturday

I'm in need of a miracle to continue with my work. I have reached a mental block and was going to work all day today, but the lovely sunny weather beckoned me. We went out for a long walk through the village and met up with friends for lunch at the golf course. I then went to TK Max to buy the rest of the snow gear we need for next week. Here I am sat at my computer but Facebook has been my distraction ( again ) tonight. Well, I have two days to produce something. I know I work better under pressure but this is ridiculous.

So looking forward to church tomorrow. Grantley Watkins a guest speaker is preaching and the title of the sermon is' What has God ever done for you?.' He is supposed to be a really anointed speaker.

The snow is still here and although we haven't had any today it is due to return tomorrow night. Hopefully that doesn't mean another day off school on Monday.

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