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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Winter break

Arrived home at lunchtime today after a lovely time away. The children are all now proficient skiers after having almost a week of lessons. Graham didn't ski and I managed two days of lessons but wanted to sledge instead. It was great to spend time together in beautiful surroundings and also to catch up with my brother, his wife and nephews. However, it is back to the grindstone tomorrow. I'm so looking forward to collecting Lulu. I hated leaving her in the cattery and will definitely look for someone to stay here in the summer when we will be away again.

Anyhow, must get on with the washing, ironing and getting school things ready for tomorrow. Had a pleasant surprise in the post - Charlie's report. He is working hard in some subjects and his efforts have resulted in excellent grades.

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Freedom in the Dance said...

Hi!!! What amazing pictures...I've missed my blog, as well!
I'm determined to get to it tomorrow, one way or was such a nice visit, but cold! And now, it's cold here, as well...what is going on???
Anywho, it was so good to hear from you as well as your compliment!
God is so good and He is working on my behalf to make me like Him...
I'll be talkin' to ya!