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Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow day

We've had a really good few days. The party was excellent. We had such a good time. We turned the conservatory into a disco and boogied for quiet a long time. Made me realise how much I enjoy dancing! We did get quite rowdy at one point where I had to turn the music down as I didn't want to upset the neighbours. Our friend loved her present. Six of us bought her the ESV study bible which she wanted.

Yesterday we went to church in the afternoon which was really good. Richard preached about God being 'just'. We had discussed a couple of the issues he raised in our home group on Saturday morning.

Then the snow came overnight. We have had so much! It does look beautiful, like a winter wonderland. I drove the children to school and then Charlie appeared at 11am so we went outside and had a snowball fight which I lost badly. Harry apparently wanted to stay at school, but I got a phone call at 2pm asking me to collect him, which I did. I then went and collected Rosie at the usual time and she came back and donned her skiing gear. Out came the sledges and they had snowball fights and built a cool snowman. Apparently this is the most snowfall we've had in this country since 1991! 10 inches and more to come overnight. Think the schools may be closed tomorrow. Harry is not feeling well and has a temperature so think he will stay off anyway. I have done a lot of work today in between snowball fights and housework so have left things set up for me to continue here, as it looks doubtful whether I'll go to MK.


Anonymous said...

Neat pictures, the snow made them look magical!! I loved seeing the cat with its footprints in the snow, too cute for words :) thanks for sharing and teach me how to boogie. I think I have two left feet :D

Freedom in the Dance said...

Caroline...Beautiful are such a party person...I love it!
Every time I read your blog, it makes me want to just fly over and do lunch with you!
I absolutely DO NOT MISS the snow. It's nice to look at, but being in Buffalo last month was enough for another year. It was 79 today and tonite I was delighted to hear crickets!!! I can't believe it...February and crickets. Warms my heart and bones. I hate cold.
Anyway, have a great week.
I do understand the Facebook addiction, if not kept in check...I have a Facebook account, too...
See ya.