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Friday, 3 April 2009

Camping in the garden

We've had a good few days. The children have been at home for much of the time. The weather has been great so they have been outdoors for most of it. Rosie and Harry have been playing tennis on the village tennis court. They put the tent up and have had friends round. Charlie did a good job in looking after the other two whilst I went to work for a couple of hours.

Three friends who I used to work with came round on Wednesday evening. It was so nice to see them and we had such a laugh. I concluded that I really don't miss health visiting but really do miss the fun and laughter I used to share with my colleagues.

Yesterday Charlie had a mate round and some younger friends from church came round who were home from university. It was great to spend time with them and both of them exude such energy and enthusiasm that I felt refreshed and energised myself after they had left!

I took Rosie and a friend and Harry to the cinema to see 'Marley and Me'yesterday evening. It is a great soppy film which made me shed a tear! However Harry was less impressed and kept saying ' He's only a dog!' The film is meant for the younger generation which is why Rosie has now seen it twice.

Back home after collecting pizzas from Pizza Hut Rosie and Harry camped out overnight! I thought they might be too cold but they wrapped up warm and had a great time.

Looking forward to the day ahead. Charlie is going into town to meet some friends, Harry is going to a friend's house and Rosie is going to a sleepover party with a photoshoot! She can't decide what to wear. Her friends are dressing up and are wearing dresses and skirts. As she is a tomboy and doesn't possess a dress she is finding it difficult. She intends to straighten her hair- shame as I love her beautiful curls.

It looks like I may have a few hours today to crack on with some work. I have so much to do over the next few days in preparation for next week's supervision. I really want to produce something worthwhile which my supervisors will be pleased with and intend to work hard over the next few days.

Graham is back today after a two day conference in Germany. He hasn't been away for ages and it has felt strange without him.

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Anonymous said...

Precious picture, I love it!! <3

Oh, I can't wait to see Marley and Me with my son :) thanks for the short review ;)

Have a beautiful day!