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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter 2009

We've had a great Easter and a good break.

Firsty, my supervision went well which has spurred me on. I'm now quite looking forward to starting the actual research in a few months time.

Good Friday was spent at the open air service in town before driving to Center Parcs. We met up with our friends and had a good time. We spent our time eating and drinking and eating and drinking. I am totally Starbucked out and never want to see a skinny mocha with cream again!

I did have such a relaxing time though and it was good to spend time with our friends. The children enjoyed the pool the most with its chutes and slides. I managed to avoid it this year. We played badminton a couple of times and that was the most strenuous activity I did, apart from a spot of shopping.

So, back to reality and washing and ironing and cleaning. Have just returned from the garage. My car has failed its MOT badly and needs new lights, brake pads and other stuff. So I have to take it back tomorrow when the parts will be in stock. Never mind.

Started WW again today. Things are going well so far, although it is only 2pm. I really don't want to be a fatty during the summer months ahead.

Anyway, now off to the garden centre and then garage to look at a menopause mini!


Anonymous said...

Aw, such beautiful pictures!!! I hope you fix that car soon and yum, you just gave me a Starbucks craving :o) thanks a lot!!

Freedom in the Dance said...

"A menopause mini"? How funny, whatever it means.
I totally understand not wanting to be a 'fatty' as you say it...I lost almost fifteen lbs. from last August due to the stress from the former church situation and now it's all just 'jumped' back on...the stress has been alleviated! Maybe I need more stress again!!!
No way. But I do need to do something!
So glad you had a great Easter...
God bless you, sister.