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Saturday, 18 April 2009

Change ahead

I'm struggling at the moment with the prospect of change and really do not want the devil to get a foothold in the situation. I am also aware that my walk with the Lord has been a little half hearted over the last couple of weeks. I am still praying and reading the bible daily but not with much enthusiasm.

The other day we received an email from church to say that as from the 28th June the afternoon service at our church will no longer be. The leaders feel that God is telling them to concentrate on one large Holy Spirit filled service in the morning. Whilst I fully support our leaders in all their decisions this has huge implications for us. The afternoon service started 4 or 5 years ago due to the growth of the morning service. We saw it as an opportunity for the children to pursue sporting activities that are held on Sundays such as football and rugby, as did about 15 other families. However, the afternoon service hasn't really grown with about 50-70 people attending each week with a core of 15 families including ourselves.

So, we are faced with several options. Either Charlie gives up rugby and Rosie her golf lesson ( the latter I'm not too bothered about)then we can all attend the morning service or for the rugby to continue and Harry, Rosie and myself attend church in the morning without Graham and Charlie for the duration of the rugby season.

There is another church locally which offers three services with one in the evening which Graham and Charlie could attend. However we really do not want to leave our church as we are very happy there. Harry is very settled playing his guitar in the band every week and he feels he is serving God this way which is great for a 13 year old boy. All the children love church and have lots of friends there. However we all need to attend as a family. Much prayer is needed and I pray that God will help us make the right decision.

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