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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Sunny Rivington

Despite spending over 6 hours driving today we had a nice time with mum and we went to Rivington and my dad's memorial tree. The weather was stunning and the views of the surrounding hills( West Pennine Moors) superb. Graham and Charlie were in Venice today and are having a great time away.


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, you certainly live in a gorgeous place and lead a blessed life. Thank you for sharing with us!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Hey Caroline...I'm finally catching up with my emails and hoping to unpack, even though I've been home since Tues. evening!
So, how did you like the book? I had to return the CD, but I'd like to read the book, in order to digest it better!
The skit went well and now they've asked us to do a skit behind a movie screen depicting a couple fighting-all before watching the "Fireproof" movie and then they're going to send in the fireman, complete with a fog machine to 'put out the fire'! It ought to be fun and that's on the seventeenth!
So good to be back...looking forward to posting today or tomorrow~
Have a great day and I love the pix of the kitty as well as your mum!
Both my parents are in the hospital...and separate ones, and I'm 1800 miles away again! Ugh~!
But God, He is holding me tightly and I am confident of His grace and joy in the midst of all of it!