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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Sunny weekend

What glorious weather we are having. I'm so loving these sunny days. I went to work yesterday to practice my presentation in front of my supervisor. I still have some work to do on it over the week end before the first presentation on Monday morning. Boy will I be relieved on Wednesday lunchtime when my second one is over with!

The children have had a relaxing week's holiday. Charlie has done quite a lot of revision, Harry had a sleepover and Rosie had a friend round and then spent the afternoon at church yesterday making pizzas and cakes with her cell group.

A friend came round last night and stayed for tea. Plans for the weekend include ; getting Harry's kit bag ready for Aberdovey on Monday. He will be away until Friday- how we will miss him. He is so looking forward to it. Buy Graham's dad a birthday present and take it round or invite his parents over tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will stay fine so we can have a BBQ tonight before watching the final of Britain's Got Talent! Not sure whether Susan Boyle will win though

I'm going to a different church in the morning with the friend who has been to our church for the last 3 weeks. Somebody who she works with has invited her and I offered to accompany her. My friend is really searching at the moment and I pray that God continues to reveal Himself to her and that she finds a church that is right for her.

My niece is slowly recovering after major surgery on Monday. She will be in hospital for 2 weeks and then will start Chemo and Radio in 5 weeks time. I spoke to my sister this week who seemed really flat and clearly is struggling not only with coping with her daughter's illness but looking after her 2 and 4 year children.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, I will keep your family in my prayers. Hopefully it will go smoothly during your presentation on Monday :) continue to keep us updated please, thank you!