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Friday, 1 May 2009

Kerry's garden

I've had a really good few days. The weather has been stunning with the trees and shrubs really looking amazing. I so love this time of year.

I had supervision yesterday and my work was thoroughly criticised- which is good as I want to pass my probation in a few weeks. I really appreciate the input from my supervisors and whilst they are supportive and encouraging they give me the kick I need to continue.

Charlie and Graham are in Italy!! Charlie is on a rugby tour along with his friend from church. They are going to Venice tomorrow- how awesome is that! Shame we can't be there but it is a dad and son thing, and it is great that Graham and Charlie are having quality time together. So, the rest of us are going to visit my mum tomorrow for the day, which will mean an early start and over 6 hours in the car! But it will be worth it to see her.

I went to a friend's this afternoon and we sat out in her garden. What beautiful wisteria on her house- I couldn't help but take some photos.

Harry has finished his exams but he doesn't think he has done very well. Never mind.

It is a Bank Holiday here in the UK which means no school or work on Monday. So I am really looking forward to my gospel concert on Monday.

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