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Friday, 8 May 2009


Despite the permanent pain in my face and jaw which is slightly relieved with painkillers I am thankful to God for a good week. The gospel concert was amazing on Monday. I particularly enjoyed Martha Munizzi- her voice is amazing. Ce Ce Winans was also fab and when she sung ' Alabaster Box' it sent shivers down my spine. I thought Kirk Franklin was a bit of a showman, and unfortunately we left shortly after he came on the stage as it was 11.45pm and we had been there since 5pm so didn't get to hear all his songs.

I went to the dentist on Tuesday as every time I had a hot or cold drink I had an agonising pain in the whole of my left side of my face. I didn't have toothache at this stage though. So the dentist deduced that an old filling needed to be replaced and proceeded to remove the old filling and then refill it. After he had finished he told me that the whole tooth was cracked and that if the filling didn't work I would either need a root canal filling or an extraction!

The next day the pain began and then in the evening I was feverish and felt shivery with flu like symptoms. Graham was worried that I might have Swine flu!!! So I returned to the dentist yesterday and he decided he would try a root canal. Anyway, he had to stop mid procedure as the root is inflammed and infected. It was so painful despite having a numb jaw from the anaesthetic. So, I am now on antibiotics and have to go back on Tuesday for another attempt. I can't eat ( good thing perhaps ) or drink properly. But I know God is with me through this.

Charlie and Graham had a fantastic time in Italy and returned on Monday looking all suntanned. Rosie has gone to PGL with school today until Monday. How we will miss her. This is the longest time she will have been away from home.

Tomorrow we are having a ladies event at church called 'Shine'. It should be good and I am looking forward to learning about scrap booking, and having a manicure. A facial is probably not a good idea though. It is an outreach event and I am taking a friend with me and I pray she has a really good time and will want to come back to church.

I am chipping away at my work but don't feel stressed yet about the impending deadlines and 2 conference presentations which I have to give. I keep reminding myself that God 'has not given me a spirit of fear'


Anonymous said...

OUCH! I pray that you will feel better SOON :o) and thank you, I knew a few people had enough hearing loss to enjoy MY singing :)

Oh wait, that's another Martha ;) shh, I'll pretend you were talking about me

Faaaalalaaa (cracks a window) laalaa!

Freedom in the Dance said...

Oooo, Caroline! Your post brought back those painful memories in Dec. when I had my tooth pulled!
May His peace and power strengthen you!