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Monday, 22 June 2009

Grandma's garden

Lots happening which I am thankful to God for:

Our marriage. We have been married 18 years today.

Our health- back at the gym today

The children's health and joy in everything they do. Harry played in a concert on Friday. Charlie is on a Geography field trip and returns today- how we have missed him! Rosie and all her sport

Our family. Father's Day yesterday so we went to see Graham's Dad in the afternoon after a nice lunch out with friends

Our church and leaders. We are so priviledged to belong to our church and I thank God for our anointed leaders and amazing teaching, worship, children's and youth work. I could go on.

Friends- I am thankful for all my friends and the fun times we share together. Looking forward to my birthday and a trip to Wimbledon on Saturday. I have never been before and a friend has given me a ticket for my birthday.

My job- probation is looming and this is my last week to correct my work which is due in a week tomorrow.


Freedom in the Dance said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! Being married beats being single hands down! Enjoy your day!!! Have a lit up nite!!! ;o)
Your gramma's garden is amazing! Can you fly her here to help me????
I would so love to have a garden like that...Texas soil is difficult to say the sandy, and it needs much help. But, it does have the largest cactus plants I've ever seen in my life...and if you have the cash, you can really make it gorgeous. In the meantime, I will enjoy others gardens.

Martha said...

Aw, Happy 18th Anniversary!!

Gosh, the garden is BEAUTIFUL :o) they did an amazing job adding art to their yard :)

Keep us updated on your job!

Psst, my blog is public now LOL said...

oh lovely photos!!! how neat.