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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Rosie's birthday weekend

Can't believe my baby is 11 years old! She had a great birthday weekend with a Wild West Party on Saturday and then 4 friends for a sleepover. The weather was beautiful and on her actual birthday on Sunday we went to the village pub for lunch and back home for cake.

On Friday night I went to part of a 'Heaven Touches Earth Conference' led by Julian Adams. I took a friend with me the one who has been coming to church with us. It was amazing and it was so good to soak in the Holy Spirit. The highlight of the evening was to walk through a 'tunnel of fire'. I could barely move and really struggled to walk back to my seat. My friend also was touched by the Holy Spirit!! God is good!

Just getting ready to return to the Dentist for a root canal this morning. If it fails I have to have it done under a GA! I then have a hair appointment and this afternoon I'm meeting up with a friend. In between I have to fit in work and sort out my probation assessments which are due in on the 30th June.

Yesterday I went to St Neots to meet up with an old friend. We had such a laugh.

The children are busy with end of term performances, music concerts and Charlie two GCSE exams this week. They break up on the 3rd July- so looking forward to the long summer ahead

2 comments: said...

sounds like a fun conference!

Martha said...

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, she is beautiful just like her mama!! I adore the Wild West theme as well, how unique!